Curious about how the world works, I started a bachelor in Engineering Sciences at KU Leuven in 2014. During these studies, I gravitated towards the mathematical beauty of modelling this world and creating new learning systems and that is why I started a master of Mathematical Engineering, also at KU Leuven. In my exchange and master thesis at ETH Zürich, I got excited about the synergy of neuroscience and artificial intelligence, leading me to start a PhD at the lab of prof. Benjamin Grewe in ETH Zürich in October 2019. Through mathematics, machine learning and neuroscience I want to provide a creative and fresh view on the ‘intelligence’ part of artificial and human intelligence. On the one hand, I design new theories for credit assignment in the brain (how does a neuron know how to change its synapses to improve the global behavior?), and on the other hand, I draw inspiration from human intelligence to investigate currently unsolved problems in AI, such as long-term credit assignment in reinforcement learning. Besides my love for science, I’m a passionate musician and on the weekends, you can find me either skiing or hiking in the beautiful Swiss Alps.

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